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Pet lovers! Pets are a part of our daily lives and there is no doubt that a pet is special and plays an important role in the lives of many. What is the one uppermost fear we all live with regarding our pets? That what if our pet goes missing? And God forbid, if ever a pet were to get lost or injured in an unforeseen mishap, the trauma that the pet owner and pet experience is nerve wracking. And just plainly out of that fear and our love for animals arose this simple solution. A tag with all the relevant information like name, address, phone number, vet information etc. Typically, whenever a pet is lost, it is found within 5 km radius of it’s home as they do get confused but don’t wander further than this distance. If and when this does happen, isn’t it safer if the finder has all the information at hand right then and there and is able to locate the owner and in case of an injury, they can also call the vet.

We at Team Get Code, have developed a specially automated QR Code Pet Code in the event of your pet getting lost or astray. Get your Pet QR Code enabled to empower the finder of your pet to know more about your pet and to easily contact you.

We hope you never have to undergo a lost or injured pet experience, but if you do, we’d like you to know that we have your Pet’s best interest at heart.
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