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Scene one: Imagine a road accident and the passersby stand around helplessly and call the ambulance and/or try to help the injured person.

Scene two: Imagine the same accident and imagine there is a quick response in terms of the ambulance coming prepared with the blood of the same group as the injured person as well as the family/friends of the injured. Which scene seems better and screams timely help?

Do you know how that happens?

With the help of the CRISIS CODE on the vehicle involved in the said injured person’s said accident. One of the passersby scanned the QR code and made contact with the ambulance with the blood group and also with the near and dear ones. As simple as that. Enter your name, address, emergency contact number, blood group, allergies etc. At the backend, the information is processed and the code is generated, printed and sent to the customer at the mentioned address via courier/speed post. Get that sticker now and stick it on your vehicle.

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