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At GetCode, we think of the safety of your loved ones and you. We bring you a series of QR codes specially designed keeping the end goal in mind. QR codes are essentially different types of barcodes that can be read effortlessly by a digital device which stores information relevant to the product in question. This data is stored as a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid. These are periodically used to record information. While QR codes have made thier presence felt since awhile, GetCode has developed codes essentially for different and extremely beneficial services. With a user-friendly approach and it has stemmed from an authentic sense of responsibility towards the community.

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The what ifs and the how tos...

The QR codes available right now are devised with three different outlooks. Crisis code, Pet code and Guide code. To acquire them is also a fairly simple process. You can buy this online and at the time of the transaction, you need to give the details required for the coding to do it’s job.



Crisis Code

QR code stickers for giving individual critical information in emergency situations.

Pet Code

QR code stickers helpful for missing pets.

Guide Code

QR codes with relevant infomation to historic sites.

What They Say

I was searching for a solution to put my son’s medical and emergency contact information on his bike because god forbid if he ever gets into an accident, then he should be able to get the help he needs. I can’t even imagine what I would do without him! So when I came across CrisisCode and I immediately bought this product for my son and we put it on his bike. Now, I feel much better!
Astha Nigam, Mumbai
By far the best emergency medical information product on the market. They truly understood the needs of a biker like me and nailed the product! I would highly recommend CrisisCode, you simply just won’t find any better solution!
Sameer Goel, Pune
I’m wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, this product should be used by everyone on the road for their safety who uses any type of vehicle. They have literally knocked the concept out of the ballpark and now I feel super safe whenever I’m out on long drives on hilly areas and I truly feel free. Thank you CrisisCode team, this is all I wanted!
Pawan Pandey, Gurgaon

Meet The GetCode Experts

We at GetCode are very passionate about what we do. We take personal interest in how to optimize safety measures for the community and devising new types of codes to make life easy for all of you. It’s a work in progress at any given time as we are constantly trying to re-invent our product to make it viable.
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